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A River for My Family

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Did you know dragonflies can only live in clean water? Murky, polluted rivers may cause them to go extinct!

Join Popi on its journey for a new home in A River for My Family. Then recreate your own Popi, river habitat and learn about water cycles with an accompanying activity box.

Each box comes with:

  • A River for My Family Book by Abyan Junus-Nishizawa and Farah Landemaine
  • Materials and instructions* for 3 accompanying activities. Sufficient materials for up to 3 pax

Learn about Popi the dragonfly who had to leave its home when the river was polluted with our new activity box in collaboration with Anak Rimba!

Activity 1 : Make Your Own Popi
DIY Popi with pipe cleaners, glitter glue and some recycled material.

Activity 2 : River Habitat
Make a 3D river habitat for Popi and its friends!

Activity 3 : Water Cycle
Find out where water comes from with a water cycle mobile.

Suitable for ages 4 and up.