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Atoms Make Up Everything

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Did you know everything in the world is made up of just 118 types of tiny little atoms? Just mix and match a bunch of atoms and… voilà ! You have something totally new.

Play a game of trivia on your very own Periodic Table, find out what Iron Man is made of, DIY bath bombs and make your own pop pop sweet! 

You’ll receive a Playbook introducing the elements of the periodic table. You’ll also get the materials and ingredients you need to complete 3 to 4 activities.

1 : What Am I?
Get to know some elements in a simple and fun game of trivia! This can be a 1, 2 or 3 player game.
The perfect way to introduce your child to the periodic table.

2 : What Is Iron Man Made Of?
How does Iron Man stay light enough to fly and strong enough not to get crushed by the bad guys? Did you know he carries a mini nuclear plant around to power up his suit?
Create a pointillism art piece to show what Iron Man is made of! When you’re done, we’ll explore the solar system.

3 : DIY Bath Bombs
It’s time to bring rubber ducky out to play. Mix and match your elements and turn them into a bath bomb!
Then then throw them in the tub and watch the elements fizz and bubble.

Bonus : Make Iodine Disappear & more
Find out how much vitamin C is in your drinks and other fun experiments.