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Sink, Float or Walk on Water

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Have you wondered why some things float or sink?

Find out who can walk on water and how. Stack colours to make a rainbow in a jar, get artsy with water marbling and have so much fun with a bubble blower!

You’ll receive a Playbook introducing density and surface tension. You’ll also get the materials and ingredients you need to complete 3 activities.

1 : Rainbow in a Jar
Can you stack coloured water in a jar? How do you make sure it doesn’t mix? See density at work with some sugar and colourful water. Time to make a rainbow! #rainbowdensity

2 : My Artbook
Did you know you can make paper marbling art with some simple science? You’ll need some oil, colours and voila.. art!. Turn your one-of-a-kind art piece into the book cover!

3 : Floating Bubbles
Turn your average Joe plastic bottle into a bubble blower. All you need is a bottle, water and some secret ingredients .. you’ll never guess. Have some bubbly fun with your bubble blower! Keep blowing for a super long bubble snake.