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Too Hot To Handle

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Lately, our Earth has been plagued with extreme weather. Snow appearing where it shouldn’t and storms wreaking havoc in the otherwise peaceful cities.

Are things getting Too Hot To Handle? Find out all about heat and what happens when sea water and the air gets too hot! #extremeweather #climatechange

Make your own paper fan, DIY a thermometer and save penguins and polar bears from dark ice.

This box includes:

  • A Playbook with instructions and trivia on heat and extreme weather
  • Materials you need for the activities in the box

This box introduces kids to the effects of heat on our weather, and what happens when the temperature rises or the seas get too hot.

Activity 1 : Melting Ice Caps
Observe the penguin and polar bear on ice bergs of different colours. Find out which colour absorbs more heat.

Activity 2 : DIY Thermometer
How does a thermometer work? Make a simple one with a test tube, straw and some coloured water to find out.

Activity 3 : Making Wind
Hot air goes up and cold air comes down. When the air moves around, you get wind! Make your own paper fan with by heating up air with candles.

Mini Activity : How to Make a Cloud
Make your own cloud and watch it float away. All you need is some ice, hot water and an incense stick.

Bonus : Eco Warrior Chart
What does it take to be an eco warrior? This reward chart shows how you can do a part to keep global warming in check.

Suitable for ages 7 and up.